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Eight +

Story and character-led learning provides a base for many of our series, especially those linked to STEM.
STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) today forms an important focus of learning in schools worldwide.

Other series use a natural ‘talking’ style to inform able readers on art, culture, history and science topics.


familyMoney Works

How does a family spend its money and what are the choices? How does money flow in and out of your family’s purse?


We look at the long list of plants and animal that have become extinct – and those that may disappear in our own lifetime. Animals that you will never see.


Street Safari

Explore the city track down the animals. What can you learn about a city from its animal statues?

Careers in Science

The Careers in Science series covers exciting and rewarding jobs in the fields of physics, biology, engineering, aerospace and maths.They are bright and stimulating, packed with information and career advice.