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Mathematical skills including numeracy are a key skill and an integral part of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Maths) teaching in schools. Our series cover the earliest understanding of number place and value, through counting, geometric shapes and financial education.

dm1Dice Mice

Story-led tales introduce first number and counting skills. 9 little mice – and a vegetarian cat – teach number value and counting.

circlesLeo's Shapes

A bright kid (and a not so bright wild cat) bring basic shapes to life in these story-led learning adventures. Introduces basic shapes, their functions and their use in the world around us.

familyMoney Works

How does a family spend its money and what are the choices? How does money flow in and out of your family’s purse?

Raffertys' Rogues

Loads of fun and nonsense accompany Raffertyʻs Rogues as they carry out their daring plans with so little understanding of maths that things are doomed to go wrong from the start.