Science has become a central part of every child’s education. It has expanded its borders to involve the foundations of scientific exploration and communication of ideas. It touches every part of learning and carries equal status with literacy and maths.

desertScience To The Rescue

Can science help you survive? Of course – and this is how! Character-led stories explore the science that helps you get out of danger.


Character-led stories explore the uses of the six simple machines. Two appealing robots introduce the six simple machines to the very young.

SB homesYoung Architect

A first introduction to the technology and science of building homes. Architecture explored at a first level.


We look at the long list of plants and animal that have become extinct – and those that may disappear in our own lifetime. Animals that you will never see.

Action - Transport

This exciting series of books examines the ways we move across our planet - on land, on and in the water, in the air and in space. AND it looks at the science that lets us!

Careers in STEM

The Careers in STEM series covers exciting and rewarding jobs in the fields of physics, biology, engineering, aerospace and maths.They are bright and stimulating, packed with information and career advice.

Leo Inventions

Following on from the success of ‘Leo’s World of Shapes’, Leo and Pallas now turn their hand to INVENTIONS Still full of brainy ideas and way ahead of his (Stone Age) time, Leo tackles inventions that will change the way people live and work for hundreds of years to come.

Space Age Leo

Leo is off on a new adventure. He is exploring what life will be like in 50 years time! Even 100 years time. He's way ahead in his planning and thinking!

Lots & Lots of Animals

The recognition and naming of animals occurs at a key learning stage for the very young. This series introduces both the familiar and the unfamiliar – the small and the large – the beautiful and the ugly – even fierce.


STEM Encyclopedia

The STEM Encyclopedia titles come packed with cross-curricular information covering all the essential aspects of these familiar school topics. Key Word entries and highlighted key words in the text focus learning and understanding

The Greats

This series tracks the great scientific minds from all over the world from the earliest genius who lived thousands of years ago, to modern scientist who were born in the 1900s, and who are advancing knowledge way beyond our universe.


6 new titles cover the state of the planet as we become more and more aware of the impact of impact of global warming, pollution, extreme weather systems, moving populations – and so much more. Titles highlight the part we can all play in helping to reverse the problems.